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posted by Katherine :))

Girls and boys by alice munro
1) what does the mother expect of her daughter and why does the narrator feel that her mom is her "enemy"?

2) why does the girl find fathers work more interesting than her moms!?

  1. Writeacher

    Have you read the story?

    These seem like "surface level" questions ... no deep thinking needed!

    Let us know what YOU THINK, and someone here will be able to comment on your thinking.

  2. Katherine :))

    I wrote down that her mother wants her to be more ladylike and hardworking. She feels that her mother is her enemy since she is plotting to take her away from more important pursuits.

  3. Writeacher

    What does her mother consider to be "ladylike"?

    How does she see her mom's jobs and her dad's jobs as different from each other? Does she find one set of jobs more interesting or important than the other?

  4. Katherine :))

    Her behavement.
    Yes the narrator finds her fathers job more interesting and not as tiring as her mothers "endless" work.

  5. Katherine :))

    Also her mother wants her to work with her, cause she doesnt help her mom as much as her father which upsets her mom

  6. Writeacher

    "behavement"? I think you mean "behavior," right? Specifically, what does "ladylike" mean in terms of behavior?

    Be sure to include all these ideas in your response for this assignment.

  7. Katherine :))

    Yes, being polite, gentle.
    Also the narrator spends more time with boys instead of girls which affects her behavior.

  8. Writeacher

    Good! Now incorporate ALL those ideas into your response.

  9. Katherine :))

    I did, thank you. I just have one more question, she thinks her fathers jobs more interesting because its more useful!? Or because its outdoors?

  10. Katherine :))

    And because her mothers work is endless and not respected??

  11. Writeacher

    My impression is that she likes her father's jobs because they're mostly outdoor jobs ... thus more interesting to her. And yes, that's a good way to describe how she sees her mother's work.

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