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I have a 2.68 GPA. I know its bad, but this was mainly due to my mother dying freshman year and my fathers debilitating state after her death. I had a 2.0 freshman yr, a 2.65 sophmore yr, a 3,259 junior yr, and a 3.67 senior yr (so far) A Uconn admissions counselor told me to write a supplement regarding this, even though my counselor and a community service advisor both mentioned what happened in their recommendation letters.
Im not sure where to start even. The admissions officer said to just write my story, but Im still confused on how Im supposed to go about this. Any feedback would be helpful.

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    sorry about your mom

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    Can you give me any advice on writing the essay

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    Check these sites.

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    Also -- please check back here to see if other tutors have additional advice.

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    so how long do you think it should approximately be? im not sure whether I should be writing a 5 pg narrative or a short essay. also, do you give college advice?

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    I'd make it shorter than 5 pages. Perhaps one page is enough for this essay.

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    what should be the main focus of the essay? Im obviously going to write about my mom, but im confused on how to structure it and how exactly to write it. It just seems confusing to me on how Im supposed to write an impacting and honest story while also creating a d=well developed essay.

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    If this is the supplement recommended by the UConn counselor -- you should stick to the reasons for your low grades.

    Your thesis could be something like "My grades are a disappointment to me, but I had several problems to contend with in high school."

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    should I write it like a story or more like an essay that I would write in school? Also, I don't know if you give college advice or not, but do you think I have a chance for being admitted?

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    Make it an essay, not a story.

    Be sure you emphasize the steady rise in your GPA from your sophomore year to now.

    What college is this? I'd like to look up their admission requirements.

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    Uconn and Ill probolaly also send it i as a writing supplement to Fairfield University

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    I know Uconns competitive but its definitely my first choice school, so Im trying to do everything I can to increase my chances of getting in. My cumulative GPA is under the 3.33 that they look for, but now its at a 3.77 so Im hoping they see that and understand why my grades were the way they were. Also, I got an 1800 o the SATs, which might help my admissions chances.

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    Your essay may make the difference then.

    All applicants must apply through the Common Application. Due to the number of applications received, interviews are not part of the admissions process. Students are welcome to share additional information with us through the Common Application's Additional Information section.

    Does the "Additional Information section" indicate a length or number of pages?

    What are the minimum SAT requirements for this school?
    (The reason I ask is that one of the schools my grandson is applying to looks only at the math and reading parts of the SAT, not the overall score or the writing score.)

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    no the admissions counselor gave me an email to send the writing supplement to, so its not sent through the common app. She said it can be as "long as it takes to tell my story"
    and there really isnt a minimum sat requirement, but they only look at reading and math

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    do any of you think I have a chance?

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    Less than 50 percent of applicants are admitted to UConn.

    Check this site for more details.

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    I know its definitely a reach school

    but as far as the essay goes, basically I should just write an essay about what happened freshan and sophmore year and how I grew from it? do you have any other advice on how to write it?

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    In the essay, make sure you emphasize the steady rise of your GPA and what it took for you to achieve that. Spend most of the essay telling how you achieved that GPA increase.

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    I think you need to discuss how your experiences, and future at UConn will make you better, and make the world a better place.

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