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Bea can run 1/6 mile in 2 minutes. How long should it take her to run 2 miles?

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    Cross multiply and solve for x.

    (1/6)/2 = 2/x

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    is it 2/6

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    How can that be? Don't you think it would take her much longer than 2 minutes to run 2 miles?

    1/6x = 4

    x = 4 / (1/6)

    x = 4 * 6

    x = _______ minutes

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    24 minutes.

    But I don't get what x means in 1/6x = 4

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    x is the unknown number of minutes it will take her to run 2 miles.

    Yes, 24 minutes is correct.

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    You're welcome.

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