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World History

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What impact did Emperor Constantine's establishment of the “New Rome” (Constantinople) have on the Roman Empire?

A.The expense of building the new city impoverished the later Empire.

B. The pope moved his headquarters from “Old Rome” to “New Rome.”

C. The empire became divided into an eastern and a western half.

D. “New Rome” forged an identity that ceased to be genuinely Roman.

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    Thank you Ms. Sue...

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    Which of the following contributed to the overthrow of the Umayyad dynasty by the Abbasid dynasty?

    A. The Umayyads failed to produce competent heirs.

    B. The Umayyad social policies were unpopular and led to revolts.

    C. The Abbasids were the descendents of the Umayyads.

    D. The Abbasids assassinated the Umayyad caliph in his harem.

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    I answered your first question. Now it's your turn.

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