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6)You are given the information that P(A) =0.30 and P(B) =0.40 (a) Do you have enough information to compute P(A or B)? Explain.(events A and B are mutually b) If you know that events A and B are mutually exclusive , do you have enough information to compute P(A or B)? Explain.

8) For a class activity, your group has been assigned the task of generating a quiz question that requires use of formula for conditional probability to compute P(B/A). Your group comes up with the following question” “If P(A and B) -0.40 and P(A) =0.20, what is the value of P(B/A)?” What is wrong with this question? Hint: Consider the answer you get when using the correct formula, P(B/A) = P(A and B)/P(A).

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