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My topic is "a fictional character falls in love with its writer". I have the PERFECT ideas, but I just don't know how to write them. Does the character fall in love with ME, as the writer? Or should the story be about someone writing a book, and in THAT book, the character falls in love?

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    If you are the writer of the story that the fictional character is in, then yes, it's you.

    But if you are writing about a fictional character in someone else's story, then it's the author of that story.

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    But the problem I'm having is how to write a story within a story? I mean, just italicize it?

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    Not necessarily.

    Here's an example of a nice, short story-within-a-story:

    See what you think.

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    Wow. I've always loved Poe, but it's so hard for me to break down his writing and understand it. Haha. Thanks, though! It helped a bit!

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