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Please evaluate the writing, grammar, style, spelling as well as content.

People take out oil from the sands in AB so we can drive and leave tailings ponds. This caused a lot of damage to the land and negative impacts to wildlife. Natives get sick from eating to many fish from mercury and air pollution is another big problem. Oil spills get in the water, and the soil and then the fish. Toxicity assessment of oil sands process-affected water using fish cell lines. We should stop poluting because it is bad for the environment.

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    "so we can drive and leave tailings ponds"?
    What caused a lot of damage?
    Which natives?
    The second to last "sentence" is not complete.

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    Sandy, Jarry, Dory, whoever ~

    You really need to learn to proof better BEFORE you post on any website. Here's how:

    1. Read your paper aloud to another student in your class; make sure both you and the other student have a printed copy in your hands while you read.

    2. After making corrections, reprint ... two copies.

    3. Ask the other student in your class to read your paper aloud to you.

    4. Make all the corrections.

    5. Let it sit for a day or two. Then go through at least steps 1 and 2 above.

    THEN you'll be ready to post it for us to proofread.

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