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Im doing 7th grade life science. (im 13.) I need to make sure my answers are right because my homework is being graded. I think i have most of them right but we'll see. I DO NOT want you to tell me the answer to my homework. I just want you to tell me if its wrong or not. Just put "wrong" by it if its wrong. Heres what im supposed to do: Match the following statments with the correct characteristics of life. You may use each characteristic twice. A. Energy B. Growth C. Movement D. Reproduction E. Response. Okay these are my fill in the letter blanks. 1. Mushrooms cannot produce their own sugar. They must receive their nutrition from decaying material. - I put A for that. 2. After being watered, a wilted plant becomes stiff again. - I put E. 3. This Process occurs when an organism builds more substance than its uses. - I put B for that. 4. This process is demonstrated by blood circulating inside an organisms body. - I put C for that. 5. This process may result in one's having to change to a larger shoe size. - I put B for that and im 100% sure that's right. 6. An organism produces other organisms similar to itself. - I put D. 7. This process allows a worm to inch along the ground. - I put C. 8. Nightfall signals a plant to close its flowers. - I put E.. but I think im wrong idkk. 9. Small new plantlets may form from the sides of a plant. - I put D. Okay im done please tell me if these are right.

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    8. It could be both A and E.

    All of your answers are right! :-)

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