Latin 1 Infinitives

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Can someone please give me basic sentences to translate and identify the infinitive? Im struggling with these.

  • Latin 1 Infinitives -

    Filiae in agrīs aestate ambulāre amant.

    Puella librum legere parat.

    Pueri sub arbore sedere amant.

    Cornelia ē arboribus currere timet.

    Sextus de arbore descendere non timet.

  • Latin 1 Infinitives -

  • Latin 1 Infinitives -

    Well, I guess I wasted a lot of time writing these. I'll remember.

  • Latin 1 Infinitives -

    There are 4 endings in Latin for infinitives (not including irregular).
    1st conjugation is -are
    2nd conjugation is-ēre
    3rd conjugation is -ere
    4th conjugation is -ire

    so for example, in number 1, for ambulare,the infinitive would be a first conjugation verbal because it ends in -are. All infinitives are translated as to+________ so ambulare means to walk

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