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Attack of checkposts by militants in NW Pakistan: 35 militants, 2 soldiers die in fighting:-
Q.Fill in the blanks using the above headline!
Militants armed with rockets and automatic weapons ……………………………….. in northwestern
Pakistan………………………………………………….., officials said.
Ans:I think 1.attacked the checkposts
2.during fighting 35 millitants and 2 soilders died

is it right ? or suggest some changes????

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    I'd change "during" to "while" -- everything else looks OK.

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    I'm not sure I understand your assignment.

    1 looks right.

    But I'd change the second one to "killing 35 militants and 2 soldiers."

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    Today a computer can effortlessly do __________ of the things that we do.

    which is more appropriate-using "many" or "most"

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