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1.Do axons and dendrites meet at synapses? True

2. Does perception take place in the corpus callosum? False

3. One of the drawbacks of breast feeding is that the quantity of breast milk produced is not adjustable. for example it may be difficult for a mother to keep up with the demands of twins. False

4. Among the first acquired adaptations is accomodation of reflexes. For example the reflexes involved in sucking a pacifier? True

5. Reminder sessions can prolong young infants memory of earlier events? True

6. By about 30 months of age, toddlers can remember and re-enact complete sequences of activities they have witness? False

7. Preverbal infants show a preference for baby talk over ordinary adult speech? True

8. Deaf babies do not babble? False

  • Psychology -

    1. Synapse is a gap, so you have to define what you mean by "meet."

    2. Right.

    3. Agree.

    4. Is suckling acquired or inborn?

    5. I'm not sure what you mean by reminder sessions. However, events need to be repeated often to be remembered. Also, in later life, there is no evidence of conscious memory of pre-language events.

    6. Don't know about this one. Consult your text. It would depend on the complexity of the sequence.

    7. How are you defining "preverbal"?

    8. I would agree.

    Sorry that I cannot provide exact answers for some of your questions.

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