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in the diagram AB=20 cm, BC=21 cm, AD=10 cm and DE= 10.5 cm. Angles ABC and ADE are right angles. if triangle ADE is removed from triangle ABC.What is the area of shaded region that remains?

  1. Writeacher

    You need to be PATIENT and wait for a math tutor to come online. Currently, I don't see any of them online.

    Do not repost. Reposts will be deleted.

  2. leena

    the maths tutor where online because ques which were posted after me were answered, and why reposts will be deleted

  3. Steve

    Since there is no diagram available here, it's hard to see just where D and E are. I can visualize a large right triangle ABC, but I'm not sure where the smaller triangle ADE is located.

  4. leena

    here is the diagram Steve but it is not perfect.
    All sides are in cm. there r no dotted lines, but i didn't had any choice.
    / |
    / |
    / |
    / |
    / |
    / |
    / 10.5 |
    /\ |
    10 / \ |
    / \ |
    / \ |
    A ------------ B

  5. leena

    i did not made the diagram like this.......

  6. ana led

    the answer is...

    idk ;D

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