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Soon enough, I will be too old to remain covered under my parents' medical insurance. So, what happens next? For example, do I have to supply proof to some government agency that I have benefits when I do acquire them? Attaining gainful employment with a full package would be the best outcome, but I lost a good job recently.

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    From what I know (which is probably not much) when u get a new job they will either have health care plans that may be free or you will get a discounted price VS. buying u'r own health insurance that will come out of u'r pay check. If the job offers no health benefits then u'r only other option is to get health insurance on u'r privately which can be costly but with Obama care if u have no health insurance at all then the government can sue u for more than the insurance can cost. This is about all I know hope it helped though :)

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    Thank you for that. That is going in the correct direction. Is there some mechanical process that I have to follow beyond that? Are there deadlines by which these procedures have to be followed? Hypothetically, how does the Obama administration expect people living below poverty line (e.g. homeless people/underemployed/unemployed) to be able to afford this? We need to be encouraging the build up of personal wealth these days not taxing us with more burdensome regulations.

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    People living below the poverty line are probably eligible for Medicaid.

    How can anyone build up personal wealth if they have to pay thousands of dollars for medical care following an accident or for necessary surgery or a chronic illness?

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