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what does the word array mean in 3rd grade

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    dunno - if it's being used in math class, check the class materials...

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    array a series of rows and columns used to show multiplications

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    if <4 and <5 are complementary and m<4 = 19 degree, find m<5

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    Can two numbers have more than one greatest common factor

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    What is the ratio of quarters to nickels in dollar

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    a tortoise walks north at 0.4 mg for 14 meters, then north at 0.2mg for 30 meters ,then south at 0.3 m/s for 60 meters.what is his average speed?

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    it is a easy way to do
    multipucation using pictures, like I did with fours. there are fours rows of 4s and 6 columns of 4s 6x4= 24.


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    Shelley spent 17minute washing the dishes . She spent 38minutes. Explain howyoucanuse mental math to find Long Shelley spent on the 2 task

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