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Chemistry/lab math

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I think I have these figured out correctly but I'm not sure if I might have converted in the wrong direction;

The rate of the enzyme activity of a certain reaction is
a. 0.0027 μmol/min/mL.
Express it as __ μmol/min/L
My answer: 2.7 μmol/min/L

b. 15,000 μmol/min/L.
Express it as __ μmol/min/mL
My answer: 15 μmol/min/mL

c. 0.0018 μmol/min/mL.
Express it as __ IU
My answer: 1.8 IU

d. producing 2 mg phenol/60min/100 mL (m.w. phenol = 94).
Express this value in IU.
My math:
2 mg phenol/60min/100 mL
2/94 0.0213 mmol/60min/100mL
0.0213 x 1000 21.3 umol/60min/100mL
21.3/60 0.355 umol/min/100mL
3.55 umol/min/L or 3.55 IU

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    all correct.

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