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How do i finish this introductory paragraph? So far I have So far I have:

Tuesdays with Morrie is a very meaningful and powerful novel. In the novel the author Mitch album is recapping on the last few weeks he spent with his dear friend and college professor Morrie Schwartz, where Morrie would give advice and life lessons to Mitch. I feel the as if Album wrote the novel to keep Morrie's messages alive after his death.One of the messages Morrie spoke on was "Acceptance through detachment" meaning, in order to know you want something let it go. Throughout the novel There were many examples of that.


Is that fine or do i still need a thesis statement.

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    DON'T start any paper's first draft by writing the introduction! How can you introduce a paper that you haven't written yet?

    Follow the writing process, whether you're writing a paragraph, an essay, or a research paper … for science, history, English, or whatever:

    Prewriting: Brainstorm, research, plan, outline, thesis statement

    Writing: Write first draft by starting with section II of your outline; write the introduction after the body of the paper is written; write the conclusion last.

    Polishing: Revise, concentrating first on the body of the paper, then the intro, then the concl (revision = making sure ideas are logical and sequential and support your thesis); proofread (spelling, grammar, usage, etc.)

    Do you have a thesis yet? Have you done your brainstorming (and perhaps research) yet? Have you written an outline?

    from http://leo.stcloudstate.edu/catalogue.html


    Click on Step by Step for the process. Click on Info Search for help with researching.

    Check in the Essay & Research Paper Level.

    Let us know.

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    yes i have written an outline.

    INTRO:(you already read that)
    PARAGRAPH 1: Mitch Album
    “If you hold back on the emotions - if you don't allow yourself to go all the way through them - you can never get to being detached, you're too busy being afraid. You're afraid of the pain, you're afraid of the grief. You're afraid of the vulnerability that loving entails. But by throwing yourself into these emotions, by allowing yourself to dive in, all the way, over your head even, you experience them fully and completely. You know what pain is. You know what love is. You know what grief is. And only then can you say, "All right. I have experienced that emotion. I recognize that emotion. Now I need to detach from that emotion for a moment.” (THEN MY EXPLANATION ON IT)

    PARAGRAPH 2:“As you grow, you learn more. If you stayed as ignorant as you were at twenty-two, you'd always be twenty-two. Aging is not just decay, you know. It's growth. It's more than the negative that you're going to die, it's the positive that you understand you're going to die, and that you live a better life because of it.” (THEN MY OPINION ON THE QUOTE)

    PARAGRAPH 3: I haven't choose between 3 quotes yet for the third paragraph 1.don't cling to things because everything is impermanent. 2.When you learn how to die you learn how to live. 3.“Everyone knows they re going to die,' he said again, 'but nobody believes it. If we did, we would do things differently.”
    (then give my opinion on whichever quote i choose)

    CONCLUSION:i don't have one yet

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    What is your thesis statement?

    Everything in your intro needs to lead up to it.

    Everything in your paragraphs needs to give SPECIFIC DETAILS AND EXAMPLES and explanations to support it (to prove it's true).

    Without your thesis statement, you don't really know what you're trying to prove. What do you want your readers to agree with you about by the time they finish reading your paper?

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    well, that's what I'm asking. What would i write as my thesis Statement.

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    Your thesis statement needs to be written BEFORE you write your paragraphs or AS you write your outline.

    What do you want your readers to learn from your paper? Write ONE sentence answering that question.

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    Tuesdays with Morrie is a very powerful and meaningful , that expresses the importance of "Acceptance through detachment" meaning, in order to know you want something let it go.

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