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Write two compositions. To help you get started, you can choose to write about any two of the following four topics:
-a job report.
-your most unforgettable character.
-an analysis of the causes for some phenomenon or event.
-the consequences of a new discovery or event.

I need help getting started and I don't know what a composition is. Please Help!

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    A composition is usually an essay. If you are just starting out learning how to write these, you should probably aim for a five paragraph essay. Here's a typical outline for such an essay:

    I. Introduction, including thesis statement.
    II. First main point, explaining one aspect of your thesis statement.
    III. Second main point, explaining another aspect of your thesis statement.
    IV. Third main point, explaining the most important or interesting aspect of your thesis statement.
    V. Conclusion

    Follow the writing process:

    Prewriting: Brainstorm, research, plan, outline, thesis statement

    Writing: Write first draft by starting with section II of your outline; write the introduction after the body of the paper is written; write the conclusion last.

    Polishing: Revise, concentrating first on the body of the paper, then the intro, then the concl (revision = making sure ideas are logical and sequential and support your thesis); proofread (spelling, grammar, usage, etc.)

    So ... follow these steps:
    1. Choose a topic and draft a sentence stating what you want to say about that topic.
    2. Do some brainstorming, in list or balloon format, to jot down all the ideas you can think of about your topic.
    3. Using your thesis and brainstorming, draft an outline. Keep in mind that you'll probably be tweaking your thesis and outline as you go.


    from http://leo.stcloudstate.edu/catalogue.html

    Click on Step by Step for the process. Click on Info Search for help with researching.

    Check in the Essay & Research Paper Level.

    Let us know one topic you choose to work on, and then let us know what you come with for a thesis and plan. (After you complete the first one, then you can work on a second one.)

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