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Fill in the spaces with the correct form of the verb in present continues tense.

Hey! Do you want to hear about what my family (do) ________ ________(1) right
now? Well, I hope you do, because I am going to tell you!
Right now, my dad (work) ________ _________ (2) outside. I can see him. He (mow)
________ _________(3) the grass. He loves my mother very much. He (always, talk)
_______ ________ ________(4) about her. He (always, do) _______ ________
_________(5) nice things for her. Right now, my dad (sing) _______ _________(6) a
song. I bet it is a song about my mom.
Now, let's look at my mom. She (cook) _______ ________(7) something in the
kitchen. It smells so good! She (put) _______ ________ (8) some kind of spices into the
pot. The pot (sit) _______ ________(9) on the stove. The water (boil) _______)
________(10) inside it. Also, something (bake) _______ ________(11) in the oven. It
(start) _______ ________(12) to turn brown. I think it is a turkey.
I also have two younger brothers. Right now they (play) _______ ________(13)with
their toys on the floor beside me. They (laugh) _______ ________(14)with one another.
They (make) _______ ________(15)a house out of blocks. The house (get) _______
________(16) taller and taller. Oh no! The house is too tall. Watch out! It (crash)
_______ ________(17) to the floor!
We are a happy family. I feel lucky to be a part of my family. Hmmm…let me
guess…you (think) _______ ________(18) about your own family now, aren't you?

  1. leena

    i got it.....

    1) is doing 2) is working 3) is mowing 4) is always talking 5) is always doing 6) is
    singing 7) is cooking 8) is putting 9) is sitting 10) is boiling 11) is baking 12) is
    starting 13) are playing 14) are laughing 15) are making 16) is getting 17) is
    crashing 18) are thinking

  2. Ms. Sue

    All right.

  3. leena

    it was so easy but i was confused.

  4. Anonymous

    are doing

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