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(Q1)a+3b+2c=3,2a-b-3c=-8,5a+2b+c=9.solve for a,b&c by matrix method. (a)2,9,3(b)4,(-3),1(c)7,5,5(d)3,(-4),7 (Q2)a+2b+3c=5,3a-b+2c=8,4a-6b-4c=2.find a,b&c by Guassian method.(a)1,4,9(b)4,(-5),5(c)5,(-3),9(d)(-1),5,10

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    Q1: (2,-3,5)
    Q2: (1,-1,2)

    Don't know where the suggested answers came from. All bogus.

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    agree with Steve, I also got his answers.

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