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SAT essay practice.

The Chinese proverb, "In crisis is cleverness born" means that through crisis creativity is born. This does not apply to most of the world situations. How can crisis bring out creativity? Crisis is associated with chaos and confusion. It is impossible to create a new light bulb in a person's mind during a turmoil. Hence, crisis does not launch creativity.

It was the first day of high school and I did not finish the summer assignment. I was in a total crisis. Not only I did not finish the summer assignment, but I also was tardy. The teacher exacerbated the crisis by giving me a test over the assignment. All I could do was to guess. I could not find a time to be creative. It was impossible. Creativity occurs only when a person is in a mood for it. Even in times of crisis, a person might be creative by making things up, but that kind of creativity is not genuine.

By guessing, my mind was empty. I put no feelings in to it, except of apprehension. The crisis forced me to lock my mouth. I was not brave enough or creative enough to invent stories to persuade my teacher and make excuses. Creativity in time of crises is similar to lying. Making things up to shield myself from the trouble that causes crisis is not how creativity is created.

In times of crisis, a person's reaction is extremely slow. Stress emerges,and the person loses control over himself or herself. Cleverness can not automatically appear. It is imperative to realize that crises are not associated with creativity, for they are the contrary. They,in lieu, hamper a person from being creative. Therefore, creativity occurs in a peaceful situation rather than a chaotic one.

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    There's too much generalization and focusing on yourself. Are you saying that everyone in the world reacts as you do to crisis? How do you know that?

    What is the original prompt?

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    So the score is 2-3??????

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    Probably, but what does the prompt say exactly?

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    Why homework is hard

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    As we go to another class our study level becomes higher and higher so it looks difficult to do but it is not that much of difficult.

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