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Hi! How do you simplify the following using the laws of exponents?

1. -2m^2 n^-3 /(mn^-2)^2

2. (-2pq)^-2 / 2pq^-2

For number 1, I don't have any idea but for number 2, I arrived at 1/2p. Is that right? Thanks much in advance.

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    -2m^2 n^-3 /(mn^-2)^2
    -2m^2 n^-3 /(m^2n^-4)
    -2m^(2-2) n^(-3+4)

    (-2pq)^-2 / 2pq^-2
    (-2)^-2 p^-2 q^-1 / 2pq^-2
    1/8 p^(-2-1) q^(-1+2)

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    (-2pq)^-2 / 2pq^-2
    (-2)^-2 p^-2 q^-2 / 2pq^-2
    1/8 p^(-2-1) q^(-2+2)

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