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how do you solve this can you do this with the steps do I an understand them,please.

(square root start) 4x-8 (square root end)=-8

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    √(4x-8) = -8

    I can immediately tell that this equation cannot have a real number solution because the definition of √ is to give the positive square root of a number

    let's see what happens when we follow our regular routine ....

    square both sides:

    4x-8 - 64
    4x = 72
    x = 18

    if x = 18
    LS = √(72-8) = √64 = +8
    RS = -8
    LS ≠ RS

    there is no solution, as stated at the start

    This question points out why it is important to check all resulting answers after squaring both sides of an equation.

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