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The muffins were fresh. When discussing tenses, the subject of the previous sentencesthe can be called the
1. first person plural
2. second person plural
3. third person plural
My answer 1. first person plural

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    This doesn't make sense. Are some words missing or something?

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    The subject (muffins) is certainly plural, but it's not first person.

    1st: I,we
    2nd: you
    3rd, he,she,it,they

    Given that, what does it have to do with tenses?

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    Well, I guess it does in this case. As far as I recall, the verb "to be" is the only one where the past tense differs between singular and plural. Person still doesn't matter.

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    Third person plural. " the muffins are fresh. THEY(3rd person plural) were made an hour ago."

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