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1. Baozi is a steamed bread stuffed with meat, vegetables and red beans.

2. Meat pie is a kind of bread baked with meat and vegetables. Meat pie started in the UK. Usually, people in Australia enjoy eating meat pie.

3. Otak-otak is fish cake made with grinded fish wrapped in banana leaves. In South east Asia, people eat otak-otak mainly.

4. Currywurst is famous in Berlin.It is composed of sausage with sprinkled with powdered curry.

(Would you check the passages? Correct errors, please.)

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    1. Baozi is a steamed bread stuffed with meat, vegetables, and red beans.
    The comma after "vegetables" is not required, but is usually a very good idea to get in the habit of using so that your ideas are not misread. See #1 here, the serial or Oxford comma: http://grammar.ccc.commnet.edu/grammar/commas.htm

    2. OK

    3. Otak-otak is fish cake made with ground fish wrapped in banana leaves. In South east Asia, people mainly eat otak-otak. Slight word order change.

    4. Currywurst is famous in Berlin. It is composed of sausage sprinkled with powdered curry. I added a space after the first sentence and removed a repetitive word ("with").

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