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For my school field day, I have to wear a white shirt and it can have logos or pictures. My shirt has the words "God save england" is that approapriate?

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    Yes, I think it's appropriate.

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    Under our United States government, yes, you are able to wear that shirt. You have the constitutional right of freedom of speech and freedom of religion protected by the First Amendment. Any opposition to that is a DIRECT VIOLATION of the Constitution. So, long story short, yes, I KNOW for a FACT you can wear it.

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    I think you should do some research, herp_derp. Schools have the right to mandate reasonable student dress.

    The rulings about schools invoke the same principles as the prohibition against shouting "Fire!" in a crowded theater.

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    Forgive me Ms. Sue, but I really need some clarification. I was looking at the same site you showed me and I click on an article named "First Amendment protects more than just words" basically says that symbolic speech is protected by the First Amendment. So, how does the school have authority over dress code (in a public school). I can understand if is a modesty issue, but I don't quite get this topic. Why can't you wear a shirt with "God save England"?

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