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Which of the following is an example of an acronym?


2. The original meaning of the word awesome is "inspiring great admiration or fear." Which of the following is the best synonym of the word s it is used most commonly today?


The word "telephone" comes from the French words "tele-", meaning "far" and "phone", meaning "sound".Which of the following words does not derive from the word "phone"?


My answers:
1. Mrs.
2. great
3. phony

  • language arts help please -

    1. incorrect

    2. correct (and isn't it sad people don't remember the REAL meaning of this word?)

    3. correct (and isn't it sad that the writer of this question doesn't know that "tele-" and "-phon" come from the Greek, not French?)

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    I know :( Thx for helping!

    Is #1 "Ave."?

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  • language arts help please -

    FAQ! An acronym is like saying lol! Or ikr! F.A.Q means fair average quality! And I'm in da 6th grade!

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