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1. There are many fluorescent lights on the ceiling.

2. There are many fluorescent lamps on the ceiling.

3. There are many fluorescent light bulbs on the ceiling.

(Which expressions are right? Which one is commonly used? Thank you.)

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    Use #1 ... it's the best.

    Lamps are usually those that stand on the floor or sit on a table.

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    That TV is crap. I bought mine in 2008 for $400 at Sams Club. They said it werokd but just needed a new bulb. I spent $140 at the time for it. Picture was great, my bulb went out on me within 9 months. Because $140 for a new bulb was cheaper than a new tv, I bought another one. I ended up buying two bulbs after that one and my last one blew this past September. HP discontinued this TV and the bulbs are no longer produced so they cost about $200 a pop now.I called HP and complained that I wasn't getting the life out of this bulb as advertised and they did nothing about it, no discount or no free bulb. I said to hell with this and used my standard tube TV. DO NOT PUT MORE MONEY INTO IT. Its defective. I'm buying a brand new HDTV in a couple weeks so I can finally put that failure of a set behind me.Good luck.

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