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1. The phrase that best describes the teenage couple in the beginning of the tale within the story "Everything Stuck to Him" is
A. ambitious and optimistic about the future
B. ambitious yet pessimistic about the future
C. purposeless yet hopeful that things will change
I said B.
D. purposeless and pessimistic about the future

2. The narrator's attitude in "The Girl Who Couldn't Talk" when she begins to antagonize the quiet girl
A. is deliberately trying to make the narrator mad
B. needs a companion to talk to
C. is not very intelligent
D. is weak and needs to be toughened up
I said A

3.Which of the following statements BEST describes the narrator's internal conflict in The Girl Who Wouldn't
A.She wants everyone to know she is tough and independent.
B.She wants to be friendly to the quiet girl, but she can't be.
C.She wants to be strong and self-possessed, but she sees herself as weak and fragile.
D.She believes it's her duty to get the quiet girl to talk
I said B.

4)"Son" by John Updike is told in
A. chronological order
B. fragments that are set in different time periods.
C. segments each told by a different character
D. reverse chronological order, from present to past.

5)What is an example of internal conflict in Daughter of Invention by: Julia Alvarez?
A) the father's fear of people in uniforms
B) the mother's thinking up inventions
C) the argument over the father being called Trujillo by his daughter
D) the father's holding to traditional values and the daughter's expressing her own ideas
It might be A or D I'm not sure.

I said C.

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    I said:
    5. A or D
    sorry my answers got messed up when I was typing them

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    Apparently, no one here has read these stories. Sorry.

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