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How am I supposed to answer this question on the lab write-up? I have the date, but I don't know the formula or process to use. Thanks.

Organizing Data: Using your estimate of the threshold frequency from your first data table and your measured value of ft for sodium from your second data table, calculate the work function for both values. Plank’s constant is equal to 6.63 x 10-34 J • s.

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    IT would be helpful to know what is in the data tables.

    But of more concern, you ought to know what you are doing in a lab before you start, so that you have an idea of what is the purpose, what data you will collect, and how to analyze it. I am quite certain you did not do that before collecting data. In fact, I bet you had no idea of what you were doing in the lab at all. Are you paying for this course?

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