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i'm depressed that no-one has answered my science question so i'm giving up and i don't care if i fail my science because it will be all googles fault the only thing i know about the xenon 135 is that it's a tennis/squash racket and i needed the element xenon 135 grrr p.s.going to bed so sweet dreams to every one that's reading this GN :p

  • giving up -

    Most tutors on this website live in Central or Eastern time zones in the US. You should NEVER post anything that is "urgent" or "emergency" since there is no guarantee that the math or science tutors are online at any scheduled time ... and when you post after 10 pm EDT, most are asleep!

  • giving up -

    Also consider the time change between Australia and the Americas. Most of our students and teachers live in the U.S. or Canada.

  • giving up -

    Why would you give up try and look it up or something duh quitters NEVER win!!! Hope you had nice dreams & that bed bugs didn't bite. :)

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