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I had to read "Son" by John Updike but i don't understand the summary.
Could you explain the plot summary to me?
Such as initiating event, Rising action, climax, falling action, resolution? and setting?

to read the story, go to google and search 'son by john updike' and click the first link that's from nexuslearning . net

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    There's an explanation and a really good graphic on this webpage to help you with plot summaries.

    Make sure you read the story several times, not just once. Then start trying to identify the parts of the plot.

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    That was no help at all. I already know what a plot is, I just can't transfer that into the story no matter how many times i read it!!

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    Updike is very hard to understand, in my opinion. I tried reading something by him once, didn't finish, and never tried to get through any of his other work.



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