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1. My summer house is in the fiel. I can take a walk. I can play hide-and-seek, too. I can have fun there.
(No problem?)

2. I can raise cows and pigs in a pen.
3. I can pick wild flowers, wild strawberries and mushrooms there.
4. I can have a picnic there.
5. I can play ball with my close friends.
6. I can do snow-fight against my friends in winter.
7. I have a summer house in the field.
8. I have a villa in the field.
(Would you check the expressions above? Is #7 the same as #8?)

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    "fiel" should be "field"??

    Everything is fine except for the use of "in the field." I think you mean "in the country" instead. Make that substitution, and all the sentences will be perfect.

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