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So the questions was-->Factor the following algebraic equation and describe the process by which it is done: x²+ 3x – 10 = ?

I solved the questions correctly but my teacher said I need to show it algebraically not arithmetically. & she said that I need to show how I arrived with the factors (x+5)(x-2) = ?

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    factors of 10


    since you get 5-2 = would use 5,2

    (x +5)*(x-2) = foil

    x^2 +(-2x)+5x-10 =

    x^2 + 3x - 10

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    Make a list of factors for both the coefficient of the x^2 term and the constant. In this case, 1 and 10. so 1X1 and then 1X10 and 2X5. Also, the fact that the constant is a negative 10, that means one of the 2 binomials
    must be negative. Then you look for the combination of the sets of factors that when put together with FOIL, you get the middle term, in this case, 3x.

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    Thank you both!!

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