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I have to explain my study group negative concord, but I don't really understand what it is.. I read about it, I google it but what exactly is negative concord?
Can one of you maybe explain it to me?

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    Ok, so am i right, that in standart english is ne negativ concord? My teacher told me to explain who to build negativ concord. As i see in the link you gave me it is so that negativ concord occurs mostly with don't, aren't and something like that, in some english dialects, right?

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    In standard English, double negatives are not considered good grammar ... or else the message conveyed would be the opposite of what the speaker/writer intends.

    So, yes, the use of double negatives intentionally would be dialectical only or to identify oneself with someone who speaks a dialect predominantly.

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    So negativ concord is the same as duoble negation?

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    I think so ... if I'm reading those definitions right.

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    Ok, thank you

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    You're welcome.

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