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Please rephrase the following sentences into a more simple manner.
I need to give a presentation and i would like to write this out simpler. Thank you guys

Research of soil erosion is difficult for several reasons, but particularly because soil erosion is an intermittent process. It is therefore extremely difficult to observe the erosion act itself, and so in most cases, only the consequences of erosion are investigated.

• The measurement of environmental data and their subsequent processing and analysis is connected with errors of different type and magnitude. These errors have an essential impact on the reliability of the analysis itself and conclusions drawn from this analysis.

• Error analysis consumes time and costs. Yet, to assure the correct identification of physical erosion processes, both error analysis and to some extent standardisation of measuring techniques are recommended to limit uncertainty and to increase the standardised sampling world-wide.

• error estimation can be used as a tool for improving field measurements. It helps to optimise the overall methodology, and it is useful to avoid wasting funds for measurements that produce useless information. without any error estimation data quality remains unknown, and interpretation of data of unknown quality automatically increases the probability of complete misinterpretation.

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    No, no. The way this works is that YOU give the simplifying a try, and then someone here will be able to give you feedback.

    Re-post when you're ready.

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    Soil erosion research is difficult for several reasons notably because it is an intermittent process and thus, an extremely difficult phenomena to observe. In most studies, only the consequences are investigated.

    Environmental data measurement, processing and analysis are connected with errors of different types and magnitudes. They thus essentially impact the reliability of and conclusions drawn from them.

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    Pretty good. Here are some things I'd change:

    In sentence 1, it's not clear what "it" is (right after "because") ... erosion or research. Remove "it" and put in the correct noun.

    In sentence 2, "They" and "thus" need to be reversed so you don't have an interrupting element between the subject and the verb. Also "they" needs to be clarified; is this pronoun referring to "data measurement..." or to "errors"?? I'd also remove "essentially" -- it's extraneous, unneeded. And I'd change "impact" to "affect" since there is no physical attack involved!

    Repost when you're ready.

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    thank you very much i will repost once i have finished the whole thing.

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    Analysing errors consumes time and money. In order to assure that the physical erosion processes are correctly identified both error analysis and standardisation of measuring techniques are necessary to limit uncertainty and to minimise misinterpretation

    For the last paragraph i can not think of a way to make it more simple.
    tank you for your time :)

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    Errors in analysis cost time ...

    In order to = To

    Comma after "identified"

    But I agree with you, that not much else can be reworded with any accuracy, other than simply replacing some words with synonyms (e.g., "techniques" = "methods").

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    thank you I appreciate your help:)

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    You're very welcome!


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