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1. In which sentence do apostrophes serve to indicate both possession and contraction?

A. Lady's slippers were under Carol's bed.
B. It's Howard's fault.
C. I can't say whether it's hers.
D. Let's see whom we'll call on next.

I think a

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    Does Lady own the slippers? Does Carol own the bed? The answers are both yes, so A is incorrect.

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    I really don't understand this??

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    The words in the following sentences include apostrophes to indicate possession (ownership):

    My brother's job includes fixing washers and dryers.
    Henry's shoes need to be polished before the dance.
    The boss's ideas need to be considered very carefully.

    These sentences have apostrophes in them where contractions are used;

    I can't wait until the weekend.
    The little boys shouldn't be playing so close to the street.
    They're all studying hard for the math test.


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    Which of those sentences (B, C, or D) has a possessive AND a contraction in it?

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    C has two contractions. Remember, you're looking for a sentence with ONE contraction and ONE possessive.

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