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1. What's the fastest way to find out how many individual letters are quoted in the article?
A: Count the number of photos in the article.
B: Read the article.
C: Count the heads and subtract the first head.
D: Count the number of footnotes.

2. Where should you insert a colon in this sentence?
Interview the following people Dave, Barb, Jose, and Mary Ann.
A: after following
B:after people
C: after Jose
D: nowhere

3. Which sentence does not include an abbreviation?
A: The movie starts at 12:45 p.m.
B: Dr. Ross asked the nurse to schedule my surgery immediately.
C: One day I hope to visit Mt. Rushmore.
D: Chris left work early to catch the train at three o'clock.

4.In drafting a descriptive paragraph, how are the details organized if you use spatial order as the organizing principle?
A: from most general to most specific
B: by physical position or relationship to each other
C: by the date each event occurred
D: in order of importance

My answers:
1 B
2 B
3 A
4 D


    #2 is correct.

    #s 3 and 4 are not.

    I don't know about #1; what does your text say?


    What do you mean what does my text say?

    And okay.
    Would Number 3 be C?
    and Would number 4 be A?


    For #3, do you know the difference between abbreviations and contractions?

    For #4, do you understand what "spatial order" is?


    So it would be C and D?


    Please reread the linked info I posted above. Then rethink everything in 3 and 4.


    I did.


    Yikes! Gabby what grade are you in. Most second graders would get number 3 right the first time. You've been working (?) on this for two or three days!

    And normal 7th graders wouldn't take so much time to figure out the logical answer for 4 -- especially with the links that Writeacher and I have posted.

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