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How much ice (in grams) would have to melt to lower the temperature of 53.4g of water from 65 C to 0C?

I know there are more than one step here, I would appreciate an answer that does not do the work for me, but show me how to lay out the problems and in which order... thank you!

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    the sum of heats gained is zero.


    massice=53.4g*1cal/gramC *53.4C / 80cal/g

    = 53.4*65/80 grams

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    Thank you Bob for your time! I believe there was a misunderstanding in the question,my mistake... C is equal to degree celcius.

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    Note the correct spelling of celsius.
    Celsius is all that is needed. It need not be converted to kelvin.

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    Thank you again!

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