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Sometime around the 1880s European countries, for a variety of reasons, began to take control or colonize some area in Africa and Asia at an alarming rate. The expansion of European power in this period took many forms, but no matter the form it had greed at its center. There was, first of all, economic expansion. Europeans invested large sums of money around the world, building railroads and ports, mines and plantations, factories and public utilities all for their own benefit. It worked, as trade between nations grew greatly and a world economy became more industrialized. European economic penetration was very often peaceful, but they did attempt to force the economies of the countries they controlled to produced goods that they needed first and foremost. For example, Great Britain had a great need for tea to be produced so they made sure that India focused on tea production. The economies of any African and Asian countries began to be nothing more than puppets of the European power in control of them.
Another part of imperialism of Europe was setting up vast political empires, mainly in Africa but also in Asia. This "new imperialism" occurred primarily between 1880 and 1990, when European governments scrambled frantically for territory. The causes of the new imperialism are still argued. As usual it was about money, but in the case of the land it was also about the powers in EUrope not trusting each other and fighting over territory. Competition for trade, superior military force, European politics, and a racist belief in European superiority were among the most important reasons for this colonization. Some Europeans believed imperialism to be wrong because it went against ideas of freedom and equality. European imperialism produced various reactions in Africa. Some Africans fought for more freedom, but were defeated. Eventually most groups in African began to accept European rule, which did bring some improvements. Eventually the irony of Imperialism ended it. European and American ideas of Freedom began to spread throughout Africa. European had brought a specific education to Africa and by spreading those ideas, the Africans began to see Imperialism as hypocritical and it began to end slowly after WWI.

1.What is another term for imperialism that was used in the reading?
New imperialism
Or is it Colonization

2.What was the overall reason for imperialism
For more power

3.What was one reason that the reading gave for the possible reasons for the scramble for Africa

4. What was one reaction of Africans to Imperialism
Some Africans fought for more freedom but were defeated

5.What did Europeans bring to Africa that eventually led to the ending of imperialism
Most groups in Africa began to accept European ruler which brought some improvements

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    I agree with your answers to 3 and 4.

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    5.Europeans brought a specific education

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    2 is right.

    For 5, what did the Europeans teach the Africans that eventually led to the ending if imperialism?

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