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what is the fractional scale of oregon? and how do you figure it out.

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    That varies greatly from map to map.

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    Thanks Ms.Sue,
    Here was the question that I am trying to figure out.
    -Which of the following scales would most likely be used for the maps of the features listed.
    1:12,500,00 - 1:1,000,000 - 1:10,000
    for state (Oregon), city (Portland), and world map.
    It shows no examples in my book.

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    Check out the graphics on this webpage. You should notice that the smaller the second number, the more detail on the map. (A 1:10,000 map would have more detail than a 1:100,000 map.)

    So what do you want more detail for? A city? A state? The world?

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    Thanks, that was a lot of help..

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    You're welcome.

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