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Pre-Calculus follow up question Reiny

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Determine the number of triangles that can be formed with the given information.
and if it forms two possible triangles solve all unknown angles and sides

Angle A=116 degrees

but if you add 81.4 (measure of angle B) plus 116 (measure of angle A) you get 197.368 which is over 180 degrees....
so that would make measure of angle C negative which is why I'm confused

  • Pre-Calculus follow up question Reiny -

    I think we posted simultaneously.
    As a further explanation ....

    Let's attempt to draw the triangle.
    Draw a base and then construct a side making a 116° with that base.
    mark off 11 units, e.g. 11 cm
    set your compass at 10 cm , centre at the end of the 11 cm line and draw an arc towards the base.
    As you can see, it cannot reach the base.

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