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In a study examining associations between level of education and response to the Philadelphia Public Health Department’s emergency messages to “shelter in place” (meaning stay in your home) following an accidental release of chemicals from the Sunoco refinery in West Philadelphia the following results were noted: West Philadelphia residents with low education were 1.9 times less likely to shelter in place West Philadelphia residents with high levels of education. Assuming the finding is statistically significant, please explain the results as if you were talking to a member of the general population?

Workers in a manufacturing plant that processes packets of microwave popcorn expressed concern about respiratory problems. In response, researchers studied 1,000 workers in such plants throughout the US. They measured levels of diacetyl for 1 week in the immediate vicinity of each subjects’ work space. They then checked for subjects’ admissions to the hospital for the next ten years.
a) What type of study design is this?

b) Please (Briefly) describe 4 potential problems that may be encountered conducting this study as it is described above and suggest means to reduce or eliminate these problems:

  • epidemiology -

    This is not meant to be homework. It is an examination.

    I think you should do your own exam.

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