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Use equal intervals to make a frequency table for the average number of movies per person. You do not need to show tally marks.

Country Average Number of Movies
Turkey 0.5
Japan 1.2
UK 1.3
Finland 1.3
Austria 1.5
Germany 1.8
Spain 2.2
Sweden 2.2
Denmark 2.2
Switzerland 2.5
France 2.5
Norway 3.0
Canada 3.0
US 4.5

  • Math -

    list the countries along the bottom. Put an equally spaced marks along the vertical, I would range it from zero to 5, and mark the graph.

    This would not be my choice of data for students creating a frequency table. I am wondering what the teacher had in mind.

  • Math -

    I don't actually know- it seems the wrong type of Info for the question.
    (see, it doesn't even make sense to teachers)

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