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we had to take a stand on gay marriage.. can you proofread my opening and help me with revising if necessary?

Same-sex marriage should be legalized because it is uncivilized to deny gay people a civil right that the Constitution guarantees everyone, equality, which means that all people are created equal. However, gays are denied that right in terms of marriage.

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    To be a devil's advocate here for a minute ...

    Why can't there be "marriage" for a man and a woman and "civil unions" for gay couples? If the same legal rights and responsibilities are included with both, why not? (I know that's true in some states, but not all.)

    Be sure you are clear on what "rights" are, including what "civil rights" are and who gets to decide what's a right and what isn't.

    Be sure you are able to cite clearly where all this is stated in the Constitution. I'm not telling you it's not there; you just have to make sure you can back up your claims, and if you claim that the Constitution guarantees something, you'd better be able to quote the passage you mean.

    Are you sure the Constitution GUARANTEES everyone equality? Is it more like equal opportunity? or equal protections in the law? Be sure you clarify your thinking about that concept.

    (And make sure you know what I'm doing by being "devil's advocate" here!!!)

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