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Please simplify and explain to me how to do each of these. Greatly appreciated.

x = multiply sign (not a variable)

a)((9)^(1/2) (4)^2) / 24

b) (16)(2)^(x+2) The x here is a variable, not multiplication sign)

c) (3)^(-8)/ (3)^(-6) (3)^(-5)

d) ((4)^(-2) + (2)^(-4))^(-1)

Thank you so much if you can.

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    ((9)^(1/2) (4)^2) / 24
    (3 * 16)/24


    (3)^(-8)/ (3)^(-6) (3)^(-5)
    (3)^(-8)/ (3)^(-11)

    ((4)^(-2) + (2)^(-4))^(-1)
    (1/16 + 1/16)^(-1)

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    Thank yu so much!

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