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The graph of y=|2x+c| passes through the points (1,2) and (0,4) . Find the value of the constant c . Sketch the graph of y=|2x+c| .

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    |2x+c| = y
    for the point (1,2)
    |2+c| = 2
    2+c=2 or -2-c = 2
    c = 0 or c = -4

    for the point (0,4)
    |c| = 4
    c = 4 or c = -4

    the common solution is c = -4
    sketch y = 2x - 4 and y = -2x + 4 and use only the part that lies above the x-axis.
    the graph will be in the shape of a V with the "vertex" on the x-axis at (2,0)

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