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1.Truthfulness and sincerity are the (earmarks,compacts) of an honest person

2.As election day is getting closer the tone of the candidates political oratory becomes more and more (titanic,strident)

3.What do you think the U.S. should do when its representatives are (sabotaged abducted) and held for ransom

4.I don't think democracy can (balk thrive) in an atmosphere of racial and religious hatred

5.Of all the evergreens that tower in America's forests none can surpass the height and girth of the Titanic indisputable)

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    2 is wrong. What is the complete question for # 5?

    1, 3, and 4 are correct.

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    (titanic indisputable) for Number 5

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    That can't be the complete sentence. Where is the noun that the adjective modifies?

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    Of all the evergreens that tower in America's forests, none can surpass the height and girth of the (titanic indisputable) California redwoods.

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    Ahh -- the Titanic (huge) California redwoods!

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