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How to write an informational paragraph on structure of our local goverment ( I live in miss ) & shiw what strategy I used b4 writing

  • Local government -

    #1 -- Research your topic. You need to decide if you'll be writing about city, county, or state level governments ... or all three and how they interact.

    Start at http://www.google.com and use your city, county, and state names as search terms. Read, read, read...

    If you need help learning how to search, including how to choose good search terms, go here and scroll down to the links under HOW TO SEARCH THE INTERNET:


    #2 -- Follow the writing process, whether you're writing a paragraph, an essay, or a research paper:

    Prewriting: Brainstorm, research, plan, outline, thesis statement

    Writing: Write first draft by starting with section II of your outline; write the introduction after the body of the paper is written; write the conclusion last.

    Polishing: Revise, concentrating first on the body of the paper, then the intro, then the concl (revision = making sure ideas are logical and sequential and support your thesis); proofread (spelling, grammar, usage, etc.)

    Do you have a thesis yet? Have you done your brainstorming (and maybe research) yet? Have you written an outline?

    from http://leo.stcloudstate.edu/catalogue.html


    Click on Step by Step for the process. Click on Info Search for help with researching.

    Check in the Essay & Research Paper Level.

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