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Imagine that Emily Costello has written a follow-up article about Bethany. It is called “Still Feeling Complete.” Based on what you read in “A Year of Living Bravely,” and on the title of the follow-up article, what do you think it might be about?
A.Bethany’s decision to have a new arm made because she feels she will never be able to succeed without it
B.Bethany’s dedication to learning how to complete more tasks using her remaining natural limbs
C.Bethany’s reasons for giving up surfing and dedicating her life to giving motivational speeches in schools
D.Bethany’s resolve to get over her fear of surfing and finally return to the water
I think it is B but she admits that she is at times scared of being in the water so D plays a role also...?

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    I haven't read that story, but it seems as if either B or D would work. I don't know how to tell you to choose.

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    Thanks for trying

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    Answer is B!!!

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