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Physics 11th grade 'Heat'

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1) Nova, whose mass is 50.0 kg, stays out skiing for too long and her body temperature drops by 2.00 degree celsius . What is the amount of heat lost from Nova's body? (cHuman body= 3470 J/kg degre celcius)

2) Phoebe's insulated foam cup is filled with 0.150 kg of the coffee (mostly water)that is too to hot to drink, so she adds 0.010 kg of milk at 5.0 degree celcius. If the coffee has an initial of temperature of 70.0 degree celcius and the specific heat of milk is 3800 J/kg degree celcius, how hot is the coffee after the milk is added? (Assume that no heat leaks out through the cup)

  • Physics 11th grade 'Heat' -

    a. heat=mc*deltaTemp use c for water

    b. Sum of heats gained is zero.

    solve for Tf, given cmilk, and cwater.

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